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Recent Feedback

thankyou very much for all your help. would definitely recommend you to everyone - Rachelle

i arranged the repair through the internet and received correspondence through email and was delighted with the quick response. i posted my ghd on the thursday afternoon and received them back fixed on saturday morning . this was a fantastic service.
- Elizabeth

excellent service, very speedy repair and return. would recommend to anybody. brilliant! - Julie

sent them off on tuesday afternoon, received them back fully repaired friday morning. excellent service. - Sarah

good service sent straighteners away on saturday morning, delivered back to me on tuesday morning fixed. - Nichola


If you have a question, look no further. We post all common questions here.

Q How much are GHD repairs for Banbury?

A We offer fixed priced GHD repairs for Banbury and Oxfordshire by post that covers electrical parts that need replacing, all labour, and return postage costs.

A one off additional fee is added if plates or cases need replacing.

Q When I turned on my GHD at my home in Banbury it sometimes doesn`t turn on?

A Their could be a problem with the plug, fuse, charger or GHD cable.

The engineers can repair this problem from a large repair centre which services Banbury in Oxfordshire by post within 48 hours.

Q What if my GHD hair straighteners in Banbury are beyond economic repair?

A In 95% of cases a GHD hair straightener repair is possible. In the rare circumstances that an item is beyond economic repair, a refund and return postage of your irons can offered.

The team can also offer to buy your irons for spare parts if they genuine.

Please note that if an GHD hair straightener is sent to the team and it is fake, you will be charged.

Q Does the team sell GHD hair straighteners?

A Yes the independent specialists do sell GHD hair straighteners for Banbury by post (subject to stock) You can trade in old, unused or broken genuine GHD hair straighteners for a discount as well in most cases.

GHD Repair Banbury

We offer a simple and hassle free method to get your broken GHD`s in Banbury repaired. The fully trained engineers available to carry out each GHD repair, using the best repair methods and GHD parts available.

Easy to use postage service for GHD repairs Banbury by secure postage. Fast 48 hour repair service for old and new models.

The standard repair quote includes electrical parts, labour, PAT Testing, VAT and 1st class return postage and a 3 month warranty. Cases, plates and hinges can also be repaired as part of the premium service.

Get a free quote and further information by leaving an enquiry on the online form for a quick response during business hours.

GHD heat mat
Free heat mat with each completed GHD repair

GHD Hair Straightener Repairs Banbury in Oxfordshire

GHD repairs Banbury in Oxfordshire via hassle free postage service within 48 hours.

GHD repairs Banbury for all sorts of GHD faults including:

• Not heating up
• Only one heat pad heating up
• Damaged cabling
• Having one of the arms snapped off

These are only a handful of the common GHD faults and problems that the experts can effectively repair. Regardless of the problem you are having with GHD hair straighteners in Banbury the technicians will always do their best to help.

They are fully PAT (portable appliance testing) compliant for your peace of mind.

All GHD repairs are carried out in a fully equipped work shop servicing Banbury, by fully trained engineers using only the highest quality GHD parts.

We offer a 3 month warranty with each completed GHD repair. Free delivery back to you is also included via secure postage.

To learn more about common GHD repairs just visit the GHD faults page.

The customer service for customers in Banbury is of the highest standard for GHD repairs as shown by the feedback page.

To get your GHD repair for Banbury in Oxfordshire by post simply contact the team by filling out the GHD form and the experts will contact you back shortly.

Recent enquires

sometimes red light comes on and they heat up but sometimes not and often the red light goes off during use and they cool down as a result. must be a loose connection somewhere cant find a way of keeping the light on despite wiggling the lead.

Emma | Brighton, East Sussex

ghds continuously beeping when switched on and not heating up. ive tried warming the plates but still not working must be an internal error.

Becky | London, London

the light is turning on and off all the time when you move the cable so i think that is the problem the cable...

Diana | London, London

hi i have the ghd 4.2b model. whenever i switch them on they make a buzzing sound which im assuming is damaged cabling and flicker on and off. they only start heating up if put in the right psoition and turn off as soon as you move them. thank you.

Kayleigh | Hartlepool, Durham

turnt on heated up fine used for about 10 mins then heard a sizzling sound hasnt worked since

Suz | Bristol, Bristol

only one pad is heating up

Annabel | Enderby, Leicestershire